Dropbox Alternatives 2023 – Competitors Of Dropbox

Data storage is an essential utility needed for storing your critical data related to personal and professional life. Dropbox is one of the most prominent cloud storage services, yet everyone can afford it. Today, we will state the alternatives to Dropbox, which are reasonable and affordable. Dropbox is one of the best platforms, but sometimes, if you need extra facilities or more storage, check out our list of the 10 Dropbox alternatives and find your best storage.

Top 10 Best Dropbox Alternatives

Now, look at the top alternatives of dropbox that won’t fall short of your expectations: 

pCloud – Secure And Simple Cloud Storage For You!

pCloud is one of the best cloud storage service providers that offer intelligent features and security to its users. Also, this cloud storage is considered one of the best dropbox alternatives in terms of features, safety, more storage, etc. It offers an easy-to-use interface and it is affordable for everyone. 

It has this virtual drive system that allows you to access all your files and folders without consuming your hard drive space. Also, it protects your data with zero-knowledge encryption so that no one can intervene in your privacy. 

Media- The Personal Cloud You Have Always Wanted! 

Media is a newcomer to the field of free cloud storage services. With Media, you receive 10 GB of cloud storage free. A cloud backup solution that aids you in organizing and managing your file collection is what it is.

Images, music, videos, and document files may all be accessed and organized by users across various devices. Support for importing from Facebook, Google, Dropbox, and Flickr is a standout feature of Media. Media. In addition to allowing users to upload any form of content to the cloud, Mimedia’s desktop client is compatible with PCs and Macs. It is one of the most affordable choices in the list of dropbox alternatives.

Ice Drive- The Next Generation Cloud Storage 

Ice drive is the next-generation storage available also, another best dropbox alternative, and it also helps in storing files and collaboration. This cloud storage has two-factor encryption as well which make this software a better choice of dropbox alternatives. Sync provides 10GB for a free plan which can be further expanded in paid plan from $1.67/month for 150GB to $15 for 5TB. It keeps your data encrypted in crypto, which makes it future-proof. 

Google Drive- Cloud Storage For Work And Home 

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage used globally. The storage provided 15 GB for the free plan, and it can be increased to as much as you need as well, which is significant for storing online data. 

The plan starts from Rs.125/month for 30GB and with a host of facilities for your business creation. The storage also integrates many apps and extensions to provide more productivity. 

Mega- The Most Trusted, Best Protected Cloud Storage

Mega is a New Zealand-based platform that provides 20 GB of storage for free and can be upgraded by paid plans. You can take this cloud storage as a dropbox alternative; its plan starts from €4.99/month for 400GB storage and 1TB transfer per month. 

While the high-end plan is expensive at €29.99/month for 16TB storage and transfer. If you buy a yearly plan, it will become a little cheap, and the best thing is that the data is encrypted using a key which is a pass to your precious data. 

Degoo Cloud- Life’s Best Memories 

Degoo is one of the best storage companies available which provides huge storage of 100GB for free which nobody provides and can be upgraded if many people join using your referral. While it provides 500GB for $3/month and for just $9.99/month you will get 10TB which is sufficient for your needs. 

OneDrive- Share Files And Photos 

One Drive is cloud storage by Microsoft. The free plan provides 5GB storage and if you take the paid plan then for Rs.140/month for 100GB storage, while if you take high-end plans apart of storage, it will provide more features like Microsoft 365 as well. 

Idrive- Cloud Backup Solutions For Home And Business  

Idrive is also a type of cloud storage. This platform provides cloud storage of 5 GB for free. While 2 GB data can be uploaded or downloaded in one, go. This cloud storage works for many platforms as well. 

It retains as many as 30 file versions of a single file which is good if you want to ever refer to the old version of the file. While the paid plan starts from nearly $60 a year for 5TB for the first year of service. 

Media Fire- File Storage And Sharing Made Simple 

Media fire cloud storage is another best dropbox alternative that provides 10 GB storage onboard and it increases to 50 GB by referring. However, media fire is one of the best cloud storage available and is reliable. 

The platform has issues as well like the account getting deactivated if not used properly, and as well as the platform is supported by Ads making it a nightmare for people who don’t like Ads. The paid plans are also weird the Pro plan starts at $7.5/month for 1TB and the business plan provides 100TB for $80/month which is huge for your office storage. 

Box- Cloud Content Management 

The box is one of the best choices available, suitable for storing data and the basic plan offers 10GB of data and integrated office tools. 

Box users can share the whole folder of data and the end user. The box plan starts from Rs.550/month for 100GB of data, and many high-end plans could be a great alternative to dropbox. 

Final Words – Alternatives To Dropbox 

After reading this blog, you will undoubtedly find an alternative to Dropbox if you want to try another cloud-storing platform. You can buy any of them by using online backup deals. While it depends on the end-user who uses cloud storage, they prefer it according to their requirements and usage, and you can choose whichever medium you like and use it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Use Instead Of Dropbox?

In the above article, we have mentioned the top 10 dropbox alternative that you can use instead of Dropbox. 

Are There Free Alternatives To Dropbox?

Yes, There are free dropbox alternatives available such as google drive, box, onedrive, zoho box, etc. 

Is Dropbox Obsolete?

Yes, Dropbox is no longer selling cloud storage or software collaboration tools.